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Fight Aging Skin with Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil (This One Ingredient Makes a Lot of Difference)!

Learn how to fight the signs of premature aging with the power of kiwi fruit seed oil in this article plus 4 ways to use the oil in your skin care regimen.

The kiwi fruit aka Chinese gooseberry is native to China. It spread to New Zealand and parts of Europe over the centuries.

The fruit is soft and sweet with rows of tiny black seeds located in the center. The seeds are edible and safe to consume. The kiwi fruit oil is extracted from these tiny black seeds.

I’ll be sharing the benefits of kiwi fruit oil for the skin and how to incorporate kiwi fruit oil into your skincare regimen in this article.

Fight the Signs of Aging with this Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil Recipe

5 Benefits of Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil

1. Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil Slows Age Progression

The oil contains up to 62% essential fatty acids of alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3), which our body is unable to produce.

This makes kiwi fruit seed oil one of the best oils to use when it comes to reducing age progression on the skin.

2. Kiwi fruit Seed Oil Keeps Skin Supple

The high concentration of omega-3 helps to maintain moisture in the skin and keep it supple.

3. Aids Your Fitness Regimen

Kiwi fruit is 100% fat-free with a glycemic index of 52 making it a welcome addition to any fitness regimen and safe for diabetics.

4. Kiwi fruit Seed Oil Protect Eyes

Kiwi fruit also contains the phytochemical, lutein, which protects the eyes from a variety of ailments and macular damage.

5. Kiwi fruit Seed Oil is Packed With Vitamin C

Kiwi fruit seed oil is packed with vitamin C (more than an orange), vitamin K, vitamin E, copper, potassium, manganese, and folate.

A light 5% inclusion of kiwifruit seed oil in your regimen is excellent for softening and soothing the skin as well as enhancing the absorption of your product.

Organic Pure Kiwi Seed Oil

Organic Pure Kiwi Seed Oil

How to Incorporate Kiwifruit Seed Oil in Your Skincare Regimen

1. Add Kiwi fruit Seed Oil to Skincare Products

You can add a few drops of kiwi fruit seed oil to your skincare products especially products for the face and neck.

2. Use Kiwi fruit Seed Oil Undiluted

Apply a few drops of kiwifruit seed oil undiluted to your face and neck 2 – 3 times a week after cleansing.

You can also apply it to your body and face after a sun tanning session to treat sunburn or protect the skin in general.

3. Add to Kiwi fruit Seed Oil Salad Dishes

Include a few teaspoons of kiwi fruit seed oil in your salad dressing. It will brighten up the dish.

In addition to vitamins, it’s a good source of dietary fiber useful for reducing cholesterol levels and eliminating toxins from the body.

You can read about the nutritional breakdown of kiwifruit HERE.

4. Try Out Kiwi fruit Seed Oil Skincare Products

You can invest in an excellent skincare product based on kiwi fruit seed oil. The Antipodes line comes highly recommended.

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Caution: Kiwi fruit contains oxalates, which can cause problems if they become too concentrated in body fluids.

If you have any kidney or gall bladder problems, it’s best to avoid kiwi fruit.

Some alternative oils for similar skincare issues include chia seed oil, tamanu oil, and rosehip seed oil.

The next article will examine the benefits of kiwi fruit seed oil for hair and the best way to use it on hair.

Abi is a curly hair expert who delved into the world of natural oils after severe hair loss issues. Through her research, study, and testing, she was able to regrow her bald spots & a healthy head of hair. She is the founder of Healthy Natural Hair Products & Ade Ori Hair Care, and the author of the highly-rated Healthy Hair Care Series. She continues to study hair science, Ayurveda, and natural and healthy solutions for hair and skin. Learn more about our Editorial Guidelines

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