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11 Stunning Super Fit Women for Inspiration on Your Fitness Journey

This is an inspiration post with a lightweight rant to start with. I’m in my late 30s and have a very healthy body because I put a lot of work and thought into it.

I don’t look the way I do by default because I don’t have kids, have miraculous metabolism or I’m still young.

11 Super Fit 40 Plus Women for Inspiration on Your Fitness Journey!

It really irks me when people dismiss my hard work based on these three reasons. I am also a bit alarmed at the assumption that you cannot have a great body post having children or post a certain age.

I definitely do not subscribe to that school of thought and intend to continue taking care of my body come kids, come age and come what may.

Subsequently, I hunted down pictures of some women who did stay in great shape after having kids and/or after hitting 40 because they continued to work on themselves.

I hope the pictures inspire someone else as well. They are displayed in no particular order. 

Pillar Sanders – 40 Years & Mom of 3 

pillar sanders fitness

image credit

Jennifer Lopez – 46 Years & Mom of 2

jennifer lopez fitness

image credit

58 Years & Mom of 2 

denise austin fitness

image credit

Nicole Brown Murphy – 47 & Mom of 5 

Nicole Murphy fitness

image credit

Cindy Crawford – 49 Years & Mom of 2

cindy crawford fitness

image credit

Liz Hurley – 50 & Mom of 1

liz hurley fitness

image credit

Sofia Vergara – 43 & Mom of 4

sofia vergara fitness

image credit

Salma Hayek – 49 Years & Mom of 1

salam hayek fitness inspiration

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Angela Bassett – 57 Years & Mom of 2

angel basset fitness inspiration

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Halle Berry – 49 Years & Mom of 2

halle berry fitness inspiration

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Lucy Liu – 46 & Mom of 1

cindy crawford fitness

image credit

I know it’s possible some people will insist the ladies I mentioned were only able to do it because they had loads of disposable income and access to nutritionists, trainers, etc.

However, regular women do it too. I recently started featuring my fitness over 40 journey over at Fitness At Every Age.

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