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3 Ways to Moisturise & Smoothen Your Strands with Watermelon Seed Oil

The watermelon is a large, refreshing fruit popular as a snack or dessert. Over 90% of watermelon is composed of water. 

Watermelons originated in Africa where it made its way over time to several regions of the world. Watermelon seeds are commonly used in cooking in Africa.

Watermelons are available all year round and even though the most popular color for the inner flesh is red, it also comes in orange, yellow, or white. 

Usually, the seeds within the watermelon are discarded while eating it. However, an excellent oil can be derived from the seemingly useless seeds.

Back home, we use watermelon seeds in a local dish known as egusi, which is prepared with red palm oil.

Get Moisturized & Hydrated Curls with Watermelon Seed Oil

Watermelon Seed Oil for Hair

Watermelon seed oil is obtained from watermelon seeds and is aka ootanga or kalahari oil. The seeds are dried then cold-pressed to extract the oil.

The end result is a non-greasy, non-comedogenic oil, which is excellent for dry and dull hair as well as oily skin. Read 30 Non-Comedogenic Oils for Oily Skin.

Watermelon seed oil is thick and has a mild aroma, which doesn’t smell like watermelon.

What is Watermelon Seed Oil Good For?

Despite its great benefits, watermelon seed oil is not very common in hair care.

It is overshadowed by its more popular counterparts like coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, and a host of others.

Watermelon seed oil has a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids – omega-6 and omega-9 with a little bit of omega-3 and omega-7.

It is also rich in essential vitamins like niacin, thiamine, and iron. Watermelon seed oil is highly nutritious for dry and dull hair, guarding against damage. 

Watermelon seed oil also has a long shelf life, light texture, and is rapidly absorbed into the hair. It mimics the same effects as mineral oil without any of the damage. 

How to Use Watermelon Seed Oil for Hair

Moisturizing Hair Mask with Watermelon Seed Oil



  • Mix the moisturizing deep conditioner with the argan oil, watermelon seed oil, and vitamin E oil.
  • Apply to your hair after shampooing and cover with a disposable cap.
  • Deep condition for 60 mins without heat or 30 mins under a hair steamer then rinse out and style as usual.
  • You can also add an egg yolk for a protein boost but use it as a pre-poo instead. Do not apply heat when you have eggs in your hair. 

Moisturizing Watermelon Seed Oil Recipes for Hair

DIY Hair Trimming with Watermelon Seed Oil

Another excellent use for watermelon seed oil is aiding in trimming your hair.

Because watermelon seed oil smoothens your hair, you are able to better identify where you want to start trimming from and achieve even ends.

Just before trimming, apply a few drops watermelon seed oil to your hair, smoothen through thoroughly, finger comb, section, and start trimming as usual.

Ensure you use a good pair of trimming shears like Equinox Professional Razor Edge Hair Shears so you don’t end up with a disastrous haircut.

Watermelon Seed Oil for Hair Growth

Watermelon seed oil contains niacin, thiamine, and iron; essential vitamins that help promote healthy hair growth. 

Combine watermelon seed oil with premium hair growth oils like Jamaican black castor oil, emu oil, pumpkin seed oil, and burdock root oil for best results.

Using Watermelon Seed Oil for Skin Care

Due to the low non-comedogenic rating of watermelon seed oil, it’s excellent for removing excess sebum, which causes acne from the skin and promotes skin elasticity.

Better skin elasticity means fewer wrinkles, stretch marks, and other signs of premature aging.

Add 3 – 5 drops of watermelon seed oil into your regular moisturizer for improved skin.

For more oils for oily acne prone skin and recipes, have a look at 30 Non-Comedogenic Oils for Oily Skin.

Where to Buy Watermelon Seed Oil? 

Shea Terra Organics - Kalahari Ootanga Oil

Shea Terra Organics Kalahari Oootanga Oil

Sweet Essentials Watermelon Seed Oil

Sweet Essentials Watermelon Seed Oil

Mystic Moments Watermelon Seed Oil

Mystic Moments Watermelon Seed Oil

10 Watermelon Oil Beauty Products

Watermelon extract is commonly found as an ingredient in a lot of beauty products such as shower gels and lip balms.

Below are some great hair and beauty products across the board:-

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