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The Role of Diet, Oils & Supplements in Hair Growth: Do They Make a Difference?

Can your diet, oils, and supplements increase hair growth rate? I take a look at this controversial topic and share the best resources for hair growth in this article.

I received an email a few days ago from a reader with a link to an article on Black Girl Long Hair – Can Diet, Hair Oils or Supplements Really Speed Up Hair Growth?

The reader wanted to know what my thoughts were given the subjects covered on this website include diet, oils, and supplements as a way to grow your hair to optimal length.

Does diet, oils and supplements really make much of a difference when it comes to hair growth? I break things down in this article

The article is 4 years old and was written by JC from The Natural Haven but it was reintroduced on their Facebook page a few days ago.

JC makes some valid points with references included, and I agree that nothing will make your hair develop super growth abilities including yeast cream and birth control.

In fact, adding these items to your hair regimen and overdoing it in the pursuit of length will lead to hair loss or a slow growth pattern.

It might look like it’s working for a time but there is no way to account for the long-term effects of using such aids.

I have used a healthy diet, hair oils, and supplements to recover from some bad hair problems.

However, this was done over time through careful experimenting and testing and never in too much of a hurry to produce results.

Hair Growth Resources

I have covered this in a lot of articles on the site and particularly in the following in-depth resources.

This will answer some of the most common questions about natural oils for hair growth: –

In conclusion, while diet, hair oils, and supplements won’t super accelerate your hair growth, what they will do is optimize your bodily functions internally and externally.

With internal and external functions optimized, you foster a better environment to grow longer and healthier hair, which you will be able to retain in the long run. 

Remember – always prioritize hair health over hair length!

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