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Replenish Dry Hair Moisture with Canola Oil

These canola oil recipes will help restore moisture to dry and dull hair while also eliminating dandruff and dry scalp.

Canola oil is similar to safflower oil. It was first bred by two Canadian scientists in the 1970s and was initially known as rapeseed oil.

The term canola oil was created by the Canadian government from the phrase “Canada Oil” due to the negative connotation of the word “rape.” 

Canola oil has a ceramide concentration of 21% with a mild aroma and a high smoke point (up to 375F) making it suitable for use with heat appliances. 

Replenish Dry Hair Moisture with this Canola Oil Mask

Canola Oil Benefits for Hair

  • Canola oil is great to use for rejuvenating dry hair and replenishing lost moisture. 
  • Additionally, the sterols contained in canola oil helps to treat damaged hair and reduce split ends.
  • Canola oil is also high in vitamin E and K, 2 components required for strong, soft and healthy hair. 

You can also use canola oil for cooking although to get the most out of its omega 3 fat content, it’s best to use cold in salad dressings.

Canola Oil Recipes for Hair

Canola Oil Dry Hair Mask Recipe



  • Whip the mayonnaise (you can use 1 egg yolk instead if you prefer) until creamy then add in the canola oil and whip some more.
  • Add the almond oil, olive oil, and essential oil.
  • Whisk thoroughly then heat over a bowl of boiling water until the mixture is warm.
  • Apply to the length of clean and dry hair, concentrating on the ends then cover with a disposable cap and hot towel.
  • Leave on for 1 hour then wash out with a mild shampoo like Davines Momo Shampoo for Dehydrated Hair or Renpure Originals Argan Oil Luxurious Shampoo.
  • Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.

Davines Momo Shampoo for Dehydrated Hair

Davines Momo Shampoo for Dehydrated Hair

Use this recipe once a week continuously for 3 – 6 weeks to see an improvement in your hair condition.

Canola Oil Dandruff Treatment Recipe


  • 6 tablespoons of canola oil (you can adjust according to hair length)
  • 5 – 7 drops of either tea tree oil essential oil or peppermint oil essential oil


  • Mix the canola oil and essential oil together.
  • Warm up the mixture over a bowl of boiling water.
  • Section hair and apply the mix to the scalp until your whole head is covered.
  • Massage vigorously for 10 minutes until your scalp has absorbed the mixture then cover your head with a disposable cap.
  • Leave in for 30 – 45 minutes then wash out with a mild shampoo and rinse with warm water.
  • Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.

Best Canola Oil for Hair

Be sure to obtain canola oil that hasn’t been genetically engineered (GE). A few recommendations are below:-

spectrum naturals organic canola oil

Spectrum Naturals Organic Canola Oil

La Tourangelle Organic Canola Oil

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