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Grow Your Hair Long with Emu Oil

Emu oil for hair growth features prominently in the Healthy Hair Care Series 1 and 2 because of its unique properties. 

This in-depth article will be covering the following aspects of emu oil:-

  • What is emu oil
  • How is emu oil made
  • Benefits of emu oil for hair
  • How to use emu oil for hair growth
  • Emu oil hair growth recipes
  • Emu oil side effects
  • Where to buy the best emu oil for hair

Grow Your Hair Long with Emu Oil

What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is derived from the fat found on the back of mature emu birds. The emu bird is native to Australia.

It is a large flightless bird that looks like an ostrich. The bird is aka Dromaius novaehollandiae. Emu birds are also farmed in the US, Canada, and Europe. 

Depending on the diet of the bird as well as the processing method used, emu oil can be an off-white creamy texture, a pale yellow, or something in-between.

The viscosity of emu oil also varies based on these factors. 

Traditionally, Aborigines in Australia have been using emu oil for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments such as minor aches and pains, wounds and protect their skin from the elements.

How is Emu Oil Made?

Emu oil is made by refining the fat on the back of the emu bird. The best method of refining emu oil is via molecular distillation. 

Molecular distillation is a process whereby heat is used to produce the evaporation of volatile components from the fat.

It is then cooled and condensed. The end result is an oil with less volatile components.

Can You Use Emu Oil on Hair?

Emu oil contains omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 fatty acids, and vitamins A and E.

Emu oil is highly penetrating due to its non-phosphorus composition. According to pharmacist and oil researcher Allen Strickland:-

“Our skin is phospholipids deficient. In other words, there’s no phosphorus in our skin. If you put anything on your skin that has phosphorus in it, your skin is ‘programmed’ to keep it from penetrating. Anytime you put anything on your skin that is phospholipid deficient, or has no phosphorus, it penetrates right through.”

Yes, you can use emu oil on your hair. It’s one of my go-to oils for scalp massages.

Emu oil revitalizes the scalp and can help trigger cell renewal in bald areas, which promotes hair growth and also thickens up new growth.

If you have serious issues with your edges, then emu oil should be added to your hair regimen ASAP. Read on for how to use emu oil for hair growth. 

6 Excellent Benefits of  Emu Oil for Hair

1. Emu Oil Eliminates Scalp Issues

The powerful anti-inflammatory properties in emu oil help eliminate scalp issues such as dandruff, eczema, dryness, and itchy scalp.

2. Awakens Dormant Follicles

Any variety of things can lead to dormant follicles on the scalp. These areas have either stopped growing or manifest as bald spots and thin hair.

Emu oil helps trigger cell renewal on the scalp and awaken dormant follicles.

3. Acts as an Emulsifier

An emulsifier is a product that helps an emulsion disperse properly and remain stable.

Added to DIY hair care solutions as well as mixed in with natural oils, emu oil blends well with other products and can help stabilize the formulations.

4. Emu Oil is Non-comedogenic

Emu oil is a non-comedogenic oil meaning it’s unlikely to clog the pores when applied to the scalp. Read How I Used Emu Oil to Treat My Acne.

5. Hypoallergenic

As a hypoallergenic, emu oil is gentle and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

It’s unlikely you will have an allergy reaction to neutral lipid-like emu oil.

6. Promotes Softness

Due to its high vitamin E content, emu oils help promote soft hair and can be added to your sealing oil recipe.

However, it’s not cheap and is better used primarily for scalp issues and recovering from hair loss.


Emu Bird

How to Use Emu Oil on Hair

Emu Oil for Scalp Issues Recipe

In this recipe, you can reduce the pumpkin seed oil or coconut oil and add other oils for scalp issues such as calendula oil, borage seed oil, and cranberry seed oil.

Emu Oil for Hair Growth Recipe

In this recipe, you can also use pumpkin seed oil, burdock root oil, and coconut oil.

How Long Does Emu Oil Take to Work on Hair?

As with all remedies, consistent use is crucial in order to see any progress in addition to eliminating any bad hair care practices.

With emu oil, you should begin to notice a difference within 3 months. Be patient and allow the recipes time to work.

Don’t jump to something else if you don’t see progress within a few weeks. 

Where to Buy Emu Oil?

Always make sure the emu oil you choose is pure and correctly processed! The emu oil I personally use is Silky’s Garden Emu Oil.

The supplier lives in Australia and her emu oil is 100% pure. 

Other recommended brands of emu oil include Leven Rose Organic Emu OilNaturals New Zealand Pure Emu OilMontana Emu Ranch Company Emu Oiland Bella Terra Oils Pure Emu Oil

emu oil

Silky’s Garden Pure Australian Emu Oil

Naturals New Zealand Pure Emu Oil

Naturals New Zealand Pure Emu Oil


Montana Emu Ranch Company Emu Oil

Leven Rose Organic Pure Emu Oil

Leven Rose Organic 100% Pure Emu Oil

Bella Terra Oils Pure Emu Oil

Bella Terra Oils Pure Emu Oil

You can grab these emu oil brands with free shipping when you sign up, risk-free, for Amazon Prime. Try Amazon Prime HERE.

Emu Oil Side Effects

Emu oil should be safe to use externally on hair and scalp as the makeup is close to that of human skin.

In the case of any discomfort or itching, discontinue use immediately.

If you are nursing or pregnant, consult with your physician before adding emu oil to your hair care regimen. 

Can You Eat Emu Oil?

Emu oil has been found to lower bad cholesterol in the body and reduce inflammation related to conditions like arthritis.

Emu oil is usually available as soft gel capsules.

However, before you start consuming any supplements, you should consult with your primary care physician. 

Emu Gold Fully Refined Oil Softgels

Emu Gold Fully Refined Oil Softgels

Emu Oil Hair Products

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Tuesday 13th of April 2021


Thank you for your review on Emu oil, very easy to follow and informative.

I just wanted to check do you need to wash out the oil the next day or can this stay in the hair until my next wash day?

Thank you, Prims

Haircare | Fitness | Beauty

Friday 30th of April 2021

No need to wash it out at all. Leave it in until your next wash day.