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Reverse Hair Thinning with Burdock Root Oil

Burdock root oil (Arctium lappa L,) is one of the best oils to use for hair thinning and hair growth. It was one of the oils I used when I was recovering from hair loss.

Read on for more on how burdock root oil benefits hair and how you can use it to optimize your hair growth and eliminate thinning issues.

There’s also a handy burdock root oil recipe for hair growth at the end of this article. You can print it out and have on hand when you’re ready to try it.

Help for Hair Thinning Issues with Burdock Root Oil

What is Burdock Root Oil?

Burdock root oil is extracted from the leaves and roots of the burdock plant. 

The burdock plant usually has oviform leaves while the flowers are purple. The plant belongs to a group of thistles in the genus Arctium, which is found in Europe and Asia.

In Asia, burdock root is commonly used in cooking and for medicinal purposes.


What Causes Thinning Hair?

1. Stress Can Cause Hair Thinning

You’re overly stressed. If your lifestyle is too hectic, it can invariably affect your hair and start causing thin hair.

2. Vitamin Deficiency Can Cause Hair Thinning

Vitamin deficiencies can cause thinning hair, especially in the crown area. The most common of these deficiencies include vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

3. Anemia Can Cause Hair Thinning

Iron deficiency anemia, which is quite common in women with heavy periods.

I covered my bout with this in Iron Deficiency Hair Loss Treatment and Regrowth.

4. Over Medicating Can Cause Hair Thinning

Taking too many supplements is a bad idea. It can lead to too much of something or other in your body and trigger hair loss.

5. Bad Diet Can Cause Hair Thinning

A bad diet that’s missing vital nutrients needed for hair growth. Diets that also eliminate entire food groups without replacing them with something suitable cause hair loss.

6. Excessive Dieting Can Cause Hair Thinning

Excessive and overly zealous dieting aimed at exorbitant weight loss within short amounts of time can lead to hair loss.

7. Hormonal Issues Can Cause Hair Thinning

Hormonal imbalance caused by lifestyle changes or other life changes can trigger hair thinning.

8. Hereditary

If there’s a history of hair loss within your family, it’s likely you might experience the same thing at some point.

9. Health Issues Can Cause Hair Thinning

Health issues like an overactive thyroid, lupus, medical treatments, medications, etc can trigger hair thinning.

10. Overmanipulation Can Cause Hair Thinning

Excessive manipulation and over hairstyling can stress the hair follicles. When hair follicles are stressed, hair thinning is likely.

Besides the reasons listed above, there are so many other reasons that might lead to thinning hair. These reasons are covered in-depth in The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide.

There are several natural methods that can help with reversing thinning hair but this article will focus on one of the methods – burdock root oil aka bur oil

Not many people are familiar with burdock root oil but it’s one of the best oils to help with hair loss issues.

6 Benefits of Burdock Root Oil for Hair Growth

1. Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

Burdock root oil is a power house of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

It’s rich in phytosterols, chlorogenic acid, flavonoids, inulin, quercetin, lactone, mucilage, polyacetylenes, resin, tannin and taraxosterol.

2. Rich in Amino Acids

The burdock plant also contains all of the necessary amino acids for building the kind of protein that creates healthy hair.

3. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Burdock root has been around for a long time as a medicinal herb used to promote healthy hair, relieve scalp irritation, and improve scalp condition.

The same benefits can be experienced in burdock root oil. It improves circulation to the scalp and optimizes hair growth rate as it reduces thinning hair.

4. Vitamin A for Stronger Hair

Burdock root oil contains vitamin A, which can help nourish the scalp and strengthen hair. 

Additionally, burdock root oil is a good source of iron and calcium, nutrients that also aid in stronger hair growth.

5. Aids Detoxification

The burdock root has been used in traditional medicine for detoxifying the system and purifying the blood.

However, according to this study, there may be some side effects to consuming burdock root. Consult with your physician before including burdock root in your diet.

6. Relieves Scalp Issues

In addition to promoting hair growth, burdock root oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

These properties help alleviate scalp issues such as irritation, dandruff, eczema, dry and itchy scalp.

When wearing protective styles, burdock root oil is great for your scalp to prevent that annoying itchiness but don’t overdo it.


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Florona Burdock Root Oil for Hair Growth

Florona Burdock Root Oil

How to Use Burdock Root Oil for Hair Growth


You will need burdock root oil, rosemary essential oil, shampoo, and deep conditioner for this recipe (exact measurements in how to card below).


Mix the rosemary essential oil and burdock root oil then apply to your scalp focusing on the thin areas and massage using the 8-step scalp massage method here, then leave it overnight.

Shampoo and deep condition the next day. You can also leave it until you shampoo and deep condition on the weekend if you’re fine with the smell. 

You can enhance the properties of burdock root oil by combining it with a bit of nettle, plantain extracts, olive oil, horsetail, birch, and ginkgo Biloba.

You can also use burdock root oil as a daily scalp oil. Additional benefits of continued usage include improved hair strength and body.

You should begin to see results using burdock root oil in 6 – 8 weeks with dedicated usage.

Best Burdock Root Oil

Below are the best brands of burdock root oil:-

Where Can I Buy Burdock Root Oil?

You can find burdock root oil at specialty stores or at the following online retailers:-

Burdock Root Oil Side Effects

Topical use of burdock root oil is well tolerated. However, diabetics and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a physician before using burdock oil.

If you want to consume burdock root internally or take supplements, you should consult a physician before doing this even if you don’t have any major conditions.

How To Make Burdock Root Oil

Burdock root oil is easy to put together with burdock root chips, carrier oils, and essential oils.

Read DIY Burdock Root Oil for more on making burdock root oil at home.

Related Hair Growth Resources

Burdock Oil Recipe for Thinning Hair

Burdock Oil Recipe for Thinning Hair

Yield: 1 4 oz bottle
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Simple

This burdock oil recipe will help encourage healthier hair growth in thinning areas of the scalp. With regular use, the thin areas will start to fill in.


  1. Pour the burdock root oil and rosemary essential oil into the bottle. Close and shake well.
  2. Apply the burdock root oil to your scalp focusing on the thin areas and massage in using the 8 step scalp massage method, then leave it overnight.
  3. The next day or your next full regimen, shampoo, and deep condition your hair.

Burdock Oil Recipe for Thinning Hair


  • You can enhance the properties of this burdock root oil recipe by combining it with a bit of nettle, plantain extracts, horsetail, birch, and ginkgo Biloba. Try one of these ingredients at a time. Don't mix them all at once into the oil.
  • You should start to see an improvement within 6 - 8 weeks.
  • You can also use this recipe as a scalp massage oil 3 - 5 times a week.

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How to Treat Hair Thinning with Burdock Root Oil

Hair Products with Burdock Root Oil


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What is the shelf life of burdock oil?

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1 - 2 years. You can see the shelf life of most major oils at

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