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Natural Oils for Hair & Beauty is the premier online destination for the best healthy hair care information, beauty, skincare, self-care & lifestyle resources and so much more…

Healthy Hair Care Series

The Healthy Hair Care Series is the best investment you’ll ever make on your hair care journey. Featuring the best curly hair care information at your fingertips and rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon and Goodreads. Subscribers can grab 10% off any books and resources in the series too! And a compilation of the best hair journal and planners for curly hair

Readers Favorite Posts

These are the most popular articles on the website and the ones our readers find most helpful in hair care, hair growth, hair loss recovery, and beauty. If you’re a newbie to the website, this is also a great place to start exploring the content.

Hair Care Products

Ade Ori Hair Care delivers carefully researched and tested products for optimal hair growth, healthy scalp and strands, and hair loss recovery. Our hair oils are made to order with the best natural oils and every new customer gets a surprise freebie.

Featured Hair Growth Posts

Optimize your hair growth with the tips shared in these articles. The website shares over 40 types of natural oils for hair care and the best ways to incorporate them into your hair care regimen for best results.

Featured Hair Care Posts

The best hair care tips, best products with DIY recipes, and more. All recommendations on Natural Oils for Hair & Beauty are thoroughly tested and/or researched and are fantastic for curly hair & natural hair. These hair care recommendations also make a big difference when putting together the best regimen for your hair type and hair needs.

Featured Lifestyle Posts

Self-care is important and self-care is not selfish. A compilation of lifestyle resources for taking things easy, living your best life, managing your time effectively, and focusing on what matters.

About Us

Natural Oils for Hair and Beauty

Natural Oils for Hair & Beauty was launched in 2012 as a resource for healthy hair care after Abi experienced severe hair loss, specifically bald spots and thinning issues. The website has now grown to become a premier online resource for so much more than hair care.

Abi also launched the Healthy Hair Care Series and Ade Ori Hair Care. Learn more about us HERE…